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Violent Delights
21st-Jan-2009 09:23 am - Now comes the hard part
Self Portrait
I wonder if those dubious about Obama understand that he's not magic; that they'll actually have to engage and HELP with the betterment of the nation.  (The same goes for lazy Obama supporters, too. He's not going to do it by himself, people.  You'll have to get off your collective ass and WORK!)
1st-Jan-2009 12:21 am - Happy New Year, Y'all!
Self Portrait
Here's to a better 2009.
17th-Nov-2008 11:52 am - Attack of the electronics
Self Portrait
November has been rough on my electronics. I'm not sure what the deal is, but since the end of October my main drive in my old Windows laptop bit the dust, the TV has bit the dust, my iPhone got a partial dead screen. All in the space of 15 days! WTF???

Luckily, the drive was under warranty (though the data recovery wasn't...DAMN!!! It's not like I had much there -- I kept most of it my secondary drive, but of course some things HAD to be recovered) and the Geniuses at the Apple store swapped my iPhone for free.

TV is still outstanding. I have an interesting conundrum. My TV is in an IKEA entertainment center and fits the TV cubby very nicely. It is next to impossible to get a new tube-style television. So I'm thinking of making the switch over to HDTV. Problem is, if the new TV is going to have an equivalently sized SD picture, it needs to be wider than the current cubby. SO -- do I go for a smaller TV and keep the entertainment center, or go buy a new entertainment center AND a new TV. AND the economy sucks, so I don't know how much extraneous spending I want to do. BAH!!!
4th-Nov-2008 09:21 am - Civic pride
tidbits, Special
I went to vote today. There's rarely a line at my polling place and never a line for my district therein. Today, the line stretched well over a block. It was well organized, though, and I only waited 30 - 40 minutes in all. My district still only had 2 people in front of me :)

This election IS different. Let's hope that the result continues this energy. This country needs some civic pride again.

Go Vote!!!
8th-Oct-2008 04:31 pm - Nam Flashbacks on the Trail
Self Portrait
I think Pappy McCain is off his meds. First he's wandering around the stage during Obama's opportunities to speak last night like a senile coot looking for the bus to the early bird special and now he's having POW flashbacks on stage! I think he's really losing it.

24th-Sep-2008 03:59 pm - The UN and Gov. MooseMeat
Self Portrait
I'm disgusted by the Republican's use of the meeting of the UN General Assembly as a photo op for Gov. MooseMeat.  The woman is all sizzle and no steak -- and the sizzling is almost done.  Some pundits are going on about her ability to stand next to foreign heads of state.  People, *I* could stand next to a foreign head of state, no problem.  I could probably even sound intelligent for the duration of a cocktail party conversation.  Doesn't mean I'm ready to be Vice President or President.

Go home to Alaska, Gov. MooseMeat.  Go ride the road to nowhere.
24th-Sep-2008 03:36 pm - From the ridiculous to the sublime...
Fish Head
Don't get me started on the implications of THIS use of technology to supplant reality!  ;)

23rd-Sep-2008 09:50 am - I'm a socialist... who knew!
tidbits, Special
You are a

Social Liberal
(75% permissive)

and an...

Economic Liberal
(18% permissive)

You are best described as a:


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19th-Sep-2008 09:25 am - Iron and Wine -- Art and Computers
Self Portrait

Thanks to a_muse_d  who turned me onto this.  I like the song and I really like the simplicity and beauty of the video.  However...

While the effects near the end were a nice touch, they left me feeling unfulfilled.  We are introduced to a chorus of women (perhaps a class?) who are all doing some really beautiful work -- and unison movement can be very captivating when done right.  Then their "teacher" takes the stage and I'm expecting to see her to do a virtuosic turn, building on and exceeding the level that has been set forth.  But with the exception of her use of the train of her dress, it's not really anything over and above what her "students" have done.  Until the CGI kicks in, which is almost immediately.  But then it's not the performer's artistry or ability, it's some animator at a computer in post-production.  If the soloist had established her virtuosity and then the CGI supported that, I think it would have been much more effective -- and artistic -- than the CGI becoming the differentiation between the "master" and the "student".  

It's like old-school Jackie Chan vs. Hollywood wire-fu.  With Jackie you always knew that you were watching a true master of movement at work.  With the wire-fu, you know it's all of the technology at work and the performer mostly along for the ride.  There's nothing special there.

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